Learning to do business with a new Innovation Camp App

Launching of our JA Innovation Camp App 29th of May!

Despite the Corona situation, we managed to launch our new JA Innovation Camp App in May at a European Zoom meeting the 29th of May! Thanks to all our collaborators: teachers and students at the four Partner schools in Italy, Latvia, Sweden and Norway, Junior Achievement Oslo and Junior Achievement Europe, and of course the two App developers: Sivert & Torbjørn and the App designer Markus, former entrepreneurship students at Foss school in Norway.

The JA Innovation Camp App is now on the App Store and on Google Play. You can also find information about the App here: https://www.ue.no/oslo/nyheter/innovation-camp-app-by-ja

In short for new stakeholders, the Innovation Camp concept is a workshop where students gather in order to adress a business challenge. And the outcome is a wide range of skills. An Innovation Camp can help reduce the gap between school and work life by an entrepreneurial cooperation. The concept will help students to increase their employability and also increase their understanding of what is required in today’s working life. And also the other way, the Innovation Camp concept can increase businesses and organisations awareness of the student’s skills and hopefully also the businesses awareness of their own social responsibility.

Through this App, the Innovation Camp concept will be available and hopefully more interesting for more people, through the developed and modernized concept in the App. Some of the benefits with this new Innovation Camp App, are hopefully:

  • That it is now easier for the Camp Leader to manage the participants in a more effective way
  • The Camp Leader can follow the progress of each group more closely during the Camp
  • All the material from a camp can be gathered in one place, which can be nice before a camp, during a camp and also after the camp is finished
  • It is easy to link up to relevant material before a camp, during a camp and after a camp
  • The App can profile Partners in a new way
  • Hopefully the App clarify the Innovation Camp concept better for the participants
  • It is easy to share photos and content and to communicate through the App, and also easy to gather the participants before and after the camp
  • It is easy for participants to contact non-present supervisors
  • The participants can deliver the solutions through the App
  • It is still of course possible to have groups sitting together in the same room, but it is now also possible to have a fully digital camp
  • And with the App it is now also possible to cooperate across the borders

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