Learning to do business with a new Innovation Camp App



1. Our school

Foss secondary school has 700 students and 100 teachers and is one of Oslo’s most popular schools. The students are from both eastern and western parts of Oslo, and the school is located in the centre of Oslo. The school is known for its active students and many different student groups and talented music students.

2. Entrepreneurship at our school

Students from both the general education and music part of the school are in the entrepreneurship classes. Foss has 14 years experience with entrepreneurship as a subject, and cooperation with JA Oslo. The mini companies from Foss has good results in both local and national entrepreneurship competitions. Several of the school’s mini companies has laterbeen turned into successful real companies. Mini companies and entrepreneurship students from Foss has visited and cooperated with mini companies abroad: in Bulgary, Germany, Switzerland, Tanzania, Belgium, Sweden, Latvia and Italy. Foss was awarded “The Entrepreneurship school of the year” in 2014.

3. Our experience with international projects

  • From 2013: Comenius programme with Entrepreneurship
  • From 2014: Erasmus+ programme with Entrepreneurship
  • From 2018: Erasmus+ programme with Entrepreneurship

4. Our participating in this project

  • Foss school is the Applicant and the leader of this project: LEARNING TO DO BUSINESS WITH A NEW INNOVATION CAMP APP
  • Foss is in charge of this:
    • arranging the first meeting / Innovation Camp in Oslo, Oct 2018
    • arranging Multiplier Event with JA Europe in Brussel, May 2020
    • arranging Transnational meeting in Brussel, May 2020
    • following the developing of an Inovation App during the project
    • coordinating the communication and information between the different Partners in the project

5. Contact information